Apple dodged another judicial iska comment

When Apple launched its own music service, it raised concerns not only competitors, but also in legislative bodies. In particular, the European Commission initiated an investigation, suspecting the company in collusion with the music labels, which aims to oust from the market of streaming services, not taking a fee for listening to music. As a result, it was found that investigators claim was unfounded.

At the moment the most serious competitor to the Apple Music service is Spotify, which offers users access to free music for listening to periodic ads. In this case, paying 9.99 dollars a month, listeners can enjoy all the benefits offered by Apple Music: no ads, download songs for offline listening, and unlimited track skips. Meanwhile, Apple Music “shareware” version does not, and that the investigators found reason to suspect that so the labels together with Apple presumably want to limit the user’s freedom and deprive them of free access to music.

Despite this decision, the European Commission will continue to monitor market trends and work streaming services. At the same time it is absolutely incomprehensible how the labels are trying to push the playing field with Spotify, because in the same App Store app is still available, and the only existing restriction for users is only in their geographical location, than certainly it would be foolish to blame Apple.

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