Apple does not believe in expensive iPhone in 2018

Apple confident in the success of iPhone models with OLED screens. Instead, the company has high hopes for a smartphone with an LCD. This is stated in a new report by the WSJ.

Previously it was assumed that Apple will produce the same number of iPhones in 2018. But according to the WSJ, the company decided to increase the production of iPhone with LCD-display, because it will be the most popular in the lineup in 2018.

A new line of iPhone that will be released this fall, includes two models with an OLED display and one with LCD screen. People familiar with Apple’s plans, said that initially the company’s management decided to release the same number of smartphones with different screens. But now Apple plans to release more smartphones with LCD-display, expecting that consumers will lean towards the cheaper models.

Apple is expected to also keep the old model in the lineup. This means that, most likely, the majority of sales will come with Samsung for LCD screens.

The WSJ writes that Apple will keep a model c LCD-display in the line of 2019. One of the reasons for this decision is the limited availability of need OLED screens.

Although the iPhone X is a great success, repeatedly suggested that he could sell even better. But the price barrier holding back potential buyers. Display X iPhone is the most expensive component in the smartphone. According to various estimates, it costs about $ 100. Apple can’t reduce the price of the smartphone, because the only provider of OLED displays for the iPhone X — Samsung, does not reduce the price on the display.

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