Apple does not release employees for lunch. Will be punished

Apple does not release employees for lunch. Will be punished

The company that year refused to include in the top three of the world’s best places to work, and its position in the ranking continue to deteriorate. Looks like CNN has learned one of the reasons for such a situation.

As reports broadcaster, recently Apple were forced to pay their employees a penalty of $ 2 million. The fact that employees of the departments of the company in this city was systematically denied lunch breaks.

In accordance with California law, the employer must provide the employee a half-hour lunch break if his working day exceeds five hours. In addition, every four hours worked the employee is entitled to ten-minute breaks.

Interestingly, the first such complaint was sent in 2011 by four Apple employees in San Diego, and in 2013 it has grown to a class action with the number of applicants, amounting to approximately 21 000 people. It is unlikely that the fine will be able to win gold for the winning side: if you divide two million dollars to 21 000 people, you get about $ 95 each.

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