Apple donated 1000 of smart watches to the study of eating disorders

Apple donated 1000 of smart watches to the new study on the occurrence of eating disorders (RPP), according to CNBC.

A group of scientists from the University of North Carolina, together with colleagues from the University of Utah developed a research Binge Eating Genetics Initiative (Program for the study of genetics overeating) or just BEGIN. Its main objective is to find the biological changes caused by very rapid or excessive consumption of food, and to study the subsequent a grueling workout and cleaning by calling vomiting. For the experiment the University was invited to take part 1,000 volunteers from across America that will be able not only to better understand the problem, but also receive a free Apple Watch.

“We need to collect data from a large number of people to understand how this happens is explained by one of the founding project Cynthia Bulik. ā€” We want to know whether this disease is biological, and behavioral patterns”.

The study will be conducted using the app Recovery Record, in which the participants will lead the trackers status and note your thoughts and feelings. In parallel, the watch will monitor the heart rate of the subjects. Also, the participants of the experiment held a genetic test for the study of the microbiome, the scientists were able to further explore the nature of overeating.

According to the National Association of anorexia nervosa and associated disorders, at least 30 million Americans suffer from RCE, which is almost 10% of the total population of the country. According to scientists, every 62 minutes, at least 1 person dies from this disease.

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