Apple employee: unit Mac is in deep crisis, all forces are thrown on iPhone

Team developer responsible for the development of Mac computers, gets minimal attention from the management of the company. This was told to Bloomberg employee “Apple” giant, who asked to remain anonymous.

It is no secret that most of the revenue Apple gets from iPhone sales, and the share of the Mac accounted for 12% of total revenue. For this reason, all the attention the Corporation pays the mobile direction, forgetting about the Mac.

In previous years, the engineers of PC division met with Jonathan Ivom every week, but now we meet and discuss new ideas occur far less frequently. Ive increasingly refusing routine work, charging her slave, and he is working in other interesting projects, like a new headquarters or books about the history of Apple’s design.

Not stirs interest of the management to the Mac and the position of Intel, which is in no hurry to release new models of processors and is not able to provide the necessary for Apple volumes. As a result, the unit development of computers has to spend a lot of time on testing and prototyping of new models.

As told the interlocutor of the edition, 12-inch MacBook was planned for release in 2014, but due to internal turmoil in the company, the launch was postponed for the next year. The development team had to create two versions of a portable computer: a classic that was published and more simplified, which in the end refused. According to Bloomberg, Apple is currently no person who would be able to specify the direction of movement.

The lack of a clear vector of development has affected the development of the MacBook Pro. First in notebooks “professional” series decided to use a high-capacity battery, which occupied almost the entire interior of the housing. However, the battery failed the “key test”. Apple decided not to modify it then the price of a later start and release the MacBook Pro directly, only with the battery the previous design. However, the “experiment” was asked to remove engineers from all areas of the Mac that stopped the development of other computers.

Today, the division of Apple development Mac provided to itself, which affects the new products. This explains the increase in terms of output of new models in the line: workstations Mac Pro has not been updated for three years, and the last update for the Mac mini was held in 2014. When it was released in October a new generation of MacBook Pro is not ideal, customers are faced with numerous problems, including low battery life and problem with the graphics subsystem.

Compounding the situation is that the best experts have been transferred to the departments the Apple development more relevant to the company’s products: iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad and services. Inside Cupertino, there is serious crisis and the fate of the platform is very vague. Although Apple CEO Tim cook pretending not to be and even shows confidence in the bright future of Mac.

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