Apple explained the reason for the battery problems iPhone 6s

Not long ago, Apple announced the launch of a program for free replacement of batteries in some iPhone 6s. Smartphone users, produced from September to October 2015, faced with the fact that the device may be switched off at the time as the battery is charged to 30 percent. There is a problem the company has acknowledged said nothing about the reasons for its occurrence. However, the information was found.

Our colleagues from MacRumors found information on a Chinese website Apple. According to this information, the cause of the battery issues some iPhone 6s was an error in production. Some of the batteries were exposed to excessive exposure to controlled ambient air, which subsequently led to a more rapid decline in their capacity.

We found that in a small number of iPhone 6s, produced in September and October of 2015, contains a battery, which was exposed to controlled atmospheric air longer than he should before assembling the battery. As a result, these batteries degrade faster than conventional batteries, which leads to the occurrence of sudden power outages. It is important to note the lack of security issues.

Highly recommend to check if your iPhone 6s under the replacement program of the battery.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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