Apple explained why Apple Music better than any other music service

Since the release of streaming music service Apple Music more than a year. The company provides a free trial period for three months to assess the service. Someone at the end of this period became a fan of this product, some Vice versa, and someone does not understand “what it eats”. The last were few, and the owners pay Apple’s subscription Music at the moment are 17 million people.

Apple is continuously working on improving Apple Music, that’s why iOS 10 we saw a completely redesigned music app. Executive Director responsible for the promotion and development of music service Jimmy Iovine has shared interesting information about plans for the future and spoke about the benefits of the service.

Although the company pays much attention to the music, according to Iovine, Apple has no plans to become a music label, but will continue to strive to provide exclusive content from the most popular artists.

“We put a lot of efforts and achieved great success,” said Iovine. ā€“ We work very carefully and see what works and what doesn’t. With each step we learn something new.”

One of the most interesting aspects of the interview concerned the company’s strategy to redesign of Apple Music. According to a top Manager in Apple, the focus was on a more adult audience, as well as international market, therefore, the main features of the new design became “more user-friendly interface with larger covers and text.

Believe in the Apple system music Apple Music recommendations is much more efficient than the competition thanks to integration with iTunes. As a rule, people appreciate the music that evoked a strong emotional response ā€” whether positive or negative. So the scores pretty accurately reflect the preferences of the person.

“If you rate any track or album in your iTunes library or just lost some of the songs more than others, you will find that this has influenced the selection under “For you”. The algorithm in the section “My music” displays the new releases or the music that you have not listened to similar tracks which you already have in your playlists,” said Iovine.

In addition to the assessments and auditions, Apple Music draws attention to the other user action: skips the tracks (e.g. album, collection, or radio) and adding tracks to playlists.

Apple said that the company’s goal is to obtain 100 million subscribers. In Cupertino believe that if Apple Music will continue to evolve along the same trajectory, it will Eclipse the competition.

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Clifton Nichols

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