Apple faced a lawsuit for fraud in the sale of the series with the season pass

Apple is offering to purchase on iTunes TV shows for one series, finished seasons and the season pass, when all the episodes yet to be released, but can be purchased at a discount. It is because a third of the way Apple charges.

One lover to watch TV shows through the iTunes says that I purchased the season pass for “the Genius: Einstein” for 24.99 USD. For the price it was supposed to 13 episodes at a discount, so as one episode costs 2.99 dollar. However, she found that seven of these “episodes” were actually commercials. Also noted in the lawsuit and other shows: “Killing eve”, “the Americans” and “the world of the wild West.”

The statement is a fan of the series pointed out that consumers buy seasonal passes, reasonably believing that each episode is a standard episode and the story will come out eventually a significant discount on the purchase of each series separately. However, because many episodes are commercials, consumers do not receive the stated number of series and which they had hoped.

In other words, Apple got sued for false advertising, unfair competition and fraud.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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