Apple falsely accused a developer of fraud?

9 Oct Apple removed from the App Store developers Dash app to manage code snippets. According to the company, the developer engaged in fraud reviews, so the decision was made to close his account in iTunes Connect and remove all the apps associated with the account.

The Creator of the app wanted to change the status of your account from personal to corporate, and eventually found himself in the center of the scandal. In this case Apple leave its position unchanged. But do keep was a simple fraud?

Here is how describes the situation of an Apple representative:

We have identified almost a thousand questionable reviews of 25 applications of the two accounts of the developer. Since this is contrary to the policy of App Store, all accounts and developer applications have been removed from the store.

But the position of the developer:

3-4 years ago I helped a family member pay for participation in the program Apple developers with your credit card. I also helped a little with its applications at first, and since then, our two accounts of steel for the Apple “family”. So as soon as one account was involved in suspicious transactions, my account was also blocked.

I was not aware that my account was somehow linked to another until, until Apple contacted me on Friday, two days before closing my account. The company asked me to describe the situation in the blog — the truth as it is to the account was reinstated. On Saturday I sent to Apple a draft of the article and since then was waiting for approval.

And then I found out that Apple has publicly accused me of fraud.

The developer cites the recording of the conversation with representatives of Apple, which confirmed his words. That’s just the company is in no hurry to return everything as it was.

From Apple, obviously it was wrong to remove the whole developer account without a detailed investigation.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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