Apple found guilty of infringing a patent for “polite ignoring” the call of the iPhone, must pay $3 million

Company MobileMedia Ideas won a legal demand by the iPhone maker. The court concluded that Apple violated a patent owned by the first, which describes “polite ignoring” a call.

The disputed patent protects the technology used in the iPhone. Patent, violation of which caught the Apple, for technology mute an incoming call by the subscriber. A violation occurs in the iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4. The court ordered the “Apple” giant to pay the patent owner $3 million dollars as compensation of damage caused by the violation.

The application for the above patent was filed in 1994 by Sony. Now this patent is owned by MobileMedia Ideas. The claim was not included the iPhone 4s, iPhone 5/5c/5s and iPhone 6/6 Plus, which can be initiated further production.

MobileMedia Ideas expects that Apple will reimburse the amount of the fine in full. The company expressed the hope that after this court decision Apple will get the appropriate licenses used in the iPhone technology.

MobileMedia Ideas, created in 2010, the “daughters” of Sony and Nokia and MPEG LA, owns about 300 patents for technology used in smartphones and other mobile devices. Initially, many of them owned by Sony and Nokia.

Companies such as MobileMedia Ideas, has long been criticism from IT companies: as a kind of “banks” patents, they accumulate technical knowledge, but do not use them and only charge for licenses and actively bringing patent lawsuits. This kind of companies are sometimes called “patent trolls”. MobileMedia Ideas for business Apple was one of the earliest trial.

Apple representatives refused to comment on this claim.

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