Apple gave the iPhone XR to all the participants in The Ellen Show

Apple first took part in The Ellen Show. The company gave all participants a colorful iPhone XR as part of an advertising campaign.

Every year on Christmas eve 12 issues The Ellen Show in which the presenter gives the audience gifts. In 2018 Apple first joined the show to advertise iPhone XR and dona te it to the program participants.

It all started with the fact that a visit to Ellen came Julia Roberts. Together they played the popular game Heads Up, and then they decided to do a selfie on my personal iPhone XR Ellen. During this time Roberts said, “I think it’s great because it comes in six different colors and has better battery life”. Then Ellen announced that all guests will go home with their own iPhone XR.

In the description on YouTube says “Special thanks to XR for Apple iPhone”. Probably, Apple decided to advertise XR on iPhone one of the most popular American show after a series of reports of poor sales of new products.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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