Apple had planned to buy media company Time Warner

The American concern Time Warner’s media Empire: owns film Studio Warner Bros television HBO (TV’s “Game of thrones”) and comic book publisher DC Comics. At the end of 2015 at a meeting with those responsible for corporate strategy this company Olaf Olafsson, senior Vice President of Apple software eddy cue introduced the idea of buying Time Warner. RNS reported, citing its own sources.

During the meeting they discussed a wide range of commercial relations between the companies, including the possible inclusion of cable channels Time Warner in the future video Apple.

Discussion of possible deals Apple ā€” Time Warner did not go beyond the preliminary stage, and it was not involved, neither Tim cook nor Jeff BUCs (CEOs), sources indicate.

However, the fact that Apple was considering the purchase of one of the most famous media companies in the world ā€” Time Warner, with its market capitalization of $60 billion ā€” confirms the growing interest of technology companies to offer consumers their own content.

In addition, speech can go about finding new opportunities for growth in terms of slowdown in iPhone sales.

According to sources, Apple plans to increase spending on original content up to “several hundred million dollars a year”. Close to the company source said that the acquisition of media companies is not excluded.

Apple recently studied a number of potential targets in the field of media, sources in the banking industry. However, according to some, Apple probably will become a streaming company like Netflix.

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