Apple hands out free interactive quest “Lifeline. Whiteout”

Apple announced in the framework of “app of the week” distribution game “Lifeline. Whiteout” has received many positive reviews from players. Users have to help the researcher Adams V, who was completely alone on a vast frozen wasteland. Within one week to download the popular game for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch will be absolutely free.

Lifeline is a text adventure received positive reviews from players. The genre was quite popular in the past, when about graphics in games was still out of the question, but remains very interesting. Especially if the story and plotline on top. And here they are, believe me, is beyond praise.

The history in this series of games happen in real time. On the iPhone and Apple Watch, you received a message from a stranger with a request to respond. The user can ignore them, but it only reduces the chances of character survival. Your every action will be accompanied by choice.

There is no information as to how the character got there, what will happen to him next and what to do, but the only one who can help him is you. It is you who will help a stranger in restoring his memory, finding the most safe way and solution to various problems.

The game’s plot will evolve as to how far you can go, how will you answer questions if I can help survive the unknown character and how he will react to you. As always, the game retained some of the humor, unexpected disconnections and the time when a character performs a particular order, you will only have to wait or just minimize the game in order to continue to receive notifications and to answer questions in a line of the alert.

“Lifeline. Whiteout” – an interactive quest about the history and life of one of the brave characters, who, despite his best not ready to fight for life and to overcome their fears.

Download “Lifeline. Whiteout” for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch at this link.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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