Apple has acquired a leading developer of augmented realnosti review

Apple is seriously thinking about introducing augmented reality technology into their future products. This is evidenced not just any patent that is still the grandma on two told, and the recent acquisition of the manufacturer. The company bought Metaio, one of the most famous startups in the field.

The transaction value was not dis closed. Official statements from the representatives of the parties have not yet been reported.

Exactly how Apple will use the achievements of Metaio, is unclear. However, some of the media options were still able to think/to assume: for example, augmented reality can be used to develop the 3D interface of iOS devices, “Hyper realistic” 3D displays, “smart glasses” with the refinement of corporate cards and so on.

Explain that Metaio GmbH develops augmented reality technology for computers and mobile devices. Technology companies use and used IKEA, McDonalds McMission, Audi, Ferrari and other famous brands.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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