Apple has begun testing 5G network

Apple launches testing 5G wireless technology that will allow to increase the capacity of cellular communication for the iPhone, reports Business Insider.

The Federal communications Commission (FCC) has published an application from Apple to pilot the use of new wireless technology, millimeter wave, which can provide 5G services in a multiuser cellular environment. It should form the basis of the wireless Internet next generation. As noted by Rusbase, this technology is used by start-up Starry to deliver Wi-Fi signal with a speed of 1 GB/s.

Tests will be conducted on Yosemite Drive in Milpitas on Marian Avenue in Cupertino, which originally housed the head office of the company, he is now nearby.

Apple says that it intends to evaluate the performance of cellular communication in direct and multipath signal transmission between the base station transmitters and receivers using this range. The findings will help in the development of 5G technology.

Due to the higher frequency and shorter wavelength, the 5G technology is able to reduce latency and increase the throughput of the transmission data. Also, it is possible to reduce the antenna size phones.

It is expected that Apple experiments with millimeter wave technology will not last more than a year.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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