Apple has completely redesigned the App Store

Apple introduced a new, completely redesigned App Store. In addition to the updated design, visitors to the App Store and are waiting for more editorials, a daily published in a new tab “Today”, as well as new tabs, games and apps.

As conceived by Apple, find and download games and apps in the App Store will be easier and more convenient. Since the launch of App Store in 2008, users have downloaded from the store over 180 billion apps and Apple has paid developers more than $70 billion.

“Together with our amazing community of developers we could make the App Store the world’s best platform for downloading apps, which every week attracts more than 500 million unique users, said Philip Schiller, Apple’s senior Vice President of Apple’s worldwide marketing. Now that the App Store has taught us over the past nine years, we have embodied in it a new design. Each element of the App Store has become even brighter, more beautiful and more interesting”.

Tab “Today”

Every visit to the App Store now starts from the tab “Today”, where you can learn all about the games, applications and virtual culture. A collection of articles and interviews with pictures and video, compiled by a team of editors App Store from different countries, will familiarize users with the history of landmark games and apps, and developers, whose ideas change our lives and the world around us. Here visitors to the App Store for exclusive premiers, new releases and fresh perspectives on classics, as well as practical tips and instructions that will help you to use apps in a completely new way.


The tab “Games” and “Apps”

Games — most popular category in the App Store, and a new interface for them there is a special tab with recommended releases and updates, intriguing videos, top charts for games and carefully compiled collections. To understand in more than half a million games and find the perfect option both for beginners and for the experienced gamer will be easy as never before.

Private tab will apps: it App Store visitors will find useful and interesting programs for everything from photo editing to shopping, social networking, financial management and other activities, and tasks. As for the “Games” tab, on the tab “Applications” will be relevant recommendations, videos and collections in 24 categories, and lists the most popular apps.

Updates and search

On the Updates tab, users can instantly see what has changed in their favorite apps and games with the release of the latest updates, a search system now covers and editorial content on the tabs “Today”, “Games” and “Applications”. Specify the name, category, developer or theme and you will get the results on specific games and applications, as well as articles, collections and purchases within apps.

Product page

Each app in the App Store has its own product page. Apple completely changed the design of these pages to give developers the ability to more effectively draw attention to their apps, and users — to learn the most important information about the product before downloading it. Developers can publish up to three videos, and up to five screenshots of your application that you can now localize to a user in any country of the world saw the intended version of the video. Each application will be given rewards, such as getting into the category “editor’s Choice”, a place in the charts, and ratings and user reviews.


In the new App Store will also be easier to know that you can buy in the application. In-app purchase will now be displayed on the product page and in the search results, and editors will be able to mention them in the tabs “Today”, “Games” and “Applications”. The user can start the purchase right in the App Store and complete it directly in your game or app.

Prior iOS version 11 for developers is now available for download to developers, public beta will be offered to iOS users later this month. The release of iOS 11 is scheduled for autumn this year.

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