Apple has confirmed that the second grille for the speaker in the iPhone 7 decorative

Numerous promotional materials, Apple point to the iPhone 7 in the presence of two lattices of the speakers on the bottom. And some users believe that, speaking of the stereo, in the company mean just the speakers on the bottom edge of the smartphone. In fact, one of the gratings is decorative.

In the case of the iPhone 7, which has come to replace the iPhone 6s, Apple refused to 3.5 mm audio Jack for connecting headphones. While on opposite sides of the speaker on the bottom you can see the grid, which indicates the presence of stereo speakers. However, the accompanying text on the page technical specifications iPhone 7 indicates that it is only the microphone.

According to the presented scheme, the second speaker grille iPhone 7 has a purely decorative function under a multi-hole is the microphone, while others are left for symmetry.

A similar design solution Apple used in the iPhone 5. To the right of the Lightning connector it is a speaker grille, left grille and the microphone audio output. In the same way Apple did with the iPhone 7, leaving the smartphone’s 3.5-mm Jack for headphones.

Stereo mentioned on the Apple website, implemented using the second earpiece. When you turn on the sound on the smartphone playing from two speakers, due to what the iPhone 7 “has become two times louder than iPhone 6s”.

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