Apple has done its customers the “Christmas challenge”

Apple made Apple Watch wearers “Christmas challenge”. It will be very difficult to make it without breaking a Christmas tradition. The company wants you and are intensively moved and trained for at least one full week in January. For this, we will get a new medal in your Activity and special sticker that will allow you to share the achievement with iMessage.

Owners of the Apple Watch and users of the application Activity learned about the call with a notification. The company offered after January to arrange a test, closing all three rings in the Activity app during the week from Monday to Sunday. Can some of you start from the 2nd of January? I’m sure those who are still interested in getting the new achievements will start to be active after a feast in honor of the old New year.

We assume that Apple cares about us, offering to bring the body back to normal after a whirlwind of celebrations. Recall that Apple Watch is not a bad gift for friends and loved ones. Apple does not allow to forget about it with the holiday campaign.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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