Apple has launched a new app on the platform CareKit

Apple has been famous for its indifferent attitude towards problems of health, Reaffirming its interest in the production of thematic products, and hardware and software. One of the last and the most important announcements was the package of software tools CareKit. With his help, the company plans to attract third-party developers to create apps to diagnose those or other diseases. But Apple would not be herself, not let it alone a series of programs that demonstrate all the functionality of the new framework.

“The more you know about your health, the prompt may be a help that you can provide, — stated in a press release. – Using the right tools, you will be able to play the most direct role in the development of your body.

That’s why we created CareKit – an open platform for app developers that will allow you to have at hand an indispensable medical tools.

Instead of relying on the sole opinion of the doctor, you will have the opportunity to track emerging symptoms and the impact of drugs on them. You will also be able to share information about their health with family and friends, showing them the full picture.”

To date, is available for download 4 new apps, but according to his own statement Apple, soon arrives a new batch.

Glow Nurture – the so-called activity tracker for pregnant women that allows future moms to monitor fetal development, getting tips on healthy lifestyle, nutrition, and reminders about scheduled examinations. To download the app is completely free, but to gain access to more advanced functions will have to purchase a subscription for a month or a year.

Glow Baby is the app that is a logical continuation of the previous and acting as personal assistant to young mother. Thanks to Glow Baby you will be assured that your child will not miss a scheduled feeding or NAP. The app will tell you how much food and nutrients should your child get per day and also allows you to leave small notes for greater convenience. There is a mode “Multiple Children” who take care of multiple children at the same time. Distributed under a Freemium model.

One Drop is not another “cloud” storage, as it might seem at first glance. The app helps you to follow your own food, protect diabetics from excessive consumption of glucose and remind about medications. Compatible with the Apple Watch and third-party fitness bracelets. Distributed free of charge.

Start well suited for people suffering from depression. With its rich features, the app allows you to track the effectiveness of treatment. With the help of specialized tests Start will determine the degree of disorder and tell you how to recover. The app is available in App Store absolutely free.

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