Apple has patented a bendable iPhone

This week Apple has received confirmation of registration of one patent. Development is very interesting, as it describes a technology that allows you to create a bendable smartphone. The application for the patent was registered in the Bureau of patents and trademarks United States at the end of August this year, but became aware of it only now.

According to the patent Apple iPhone or other mobile gadget can be folded in half without any consequences for the electronic “stuffing”. To bend smartphone or tablet with no damage, it must be equipped with two panels, each of which can play the role of the display.

The illustrations to the patent shown folded in half smartphone equipped with OLED screen. Such a device can be worn as a notebook and use it in the disclosure.

The launch in the new form factor may be a new impetus to the smartphone market, which demonstrates the slowdown. In the patent, Apple notes that foldable smartphone is regarded by the manufacturer as a full-fledged representative of the next generation of devices.

Previously, Samsung has repeatedly announced plans to introduce the first fully foldable device in early 2016. Later, however, the representatives of the South Korean press said that the announcement of a folding device will take place at the end of next year, and the beginning of sales only at the beginning of 2018.

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