Apple has patented a table with built-in wireless charging

Apple looks towards wireless power transmission, evidenced by another patent of the California giant. In a paper published this week, the Bureau of patents and trademarks USA, describes a system of wireless charging of mobile devices embedded in the surface of the table.

Apple patent is dated September 2013 and is called a “Virtual charging area”. The presented method can be used to maintain battery charge in devices located on the surface of the table. This table can be installed at home or in a corporate Apple store to ensure continuous operation iPhone, iPad, MacBook and even the iMac wirelessly.

Wireless charging is not something unique. In sales long enough people have smartphones and tablets that can be charged without a cable. But today, these decisions boil down to the fact that the device required a special stand.

Technology Apple provides the possibility to transfer all the equipment to wireless charging, using the technology of magnetic resonance near field. Thus it will be possible to charge under Desk keyboard, trackpad, mouse, monitor and even the MacBook. The developers have provided the possibility of simultaneous charging of devices.

In the patent Apple States that the table surface may not be smooth, and with special areas, which are the generators of the magnetic field. With their help, the battery of the gadget will get the energy to charge.

In September of this year, the publication VentureBeat found confirmation of Apple’s agreement with Energous about working on wireless technology. IPhone manufacturer may obtain the exclusive right to use the technology to charge mobile devices through the air at a distance of several meters from the charger. A special chip that allows such wireless charging, has a small size, so no way will affect the size and appearance of the device.

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