Apple has patented the fingerprint scanner working under the display

In the box of “advanced technologies” Apple has arrived another application was the patent Office of the United States. The company plans to develop a fingerprint scanner that does not require direct contact of the finger. Reported by PhoneArena.

To manufacturers of smartphones the problem of selecting the authentication method remains the principle of operation of the fingerprint scanner. All presented on the market of smartphones, use the technology, in which the pillow user’s finger must have direct contact with the scanner.

It seems that alternatively, the scanner iris Apple is ready to offer a piezoelectric sensor. Such application has been published on the official website of the Bureau of Patents of the United States.

The application describes a principle of reading of the fingerprint using a piezoelectric element. The main advantage of this technology is that the scanner can be placed directly under the glass of a smartphone. When using the new type of scanners, Apple will have the option to install the sensor directly under the screen of the device.

The kick frequency wave from the finger, it becomes a unique acoustic spectrum, and that allows to identify a specific user.

The only thing that upsets described technology, only the patent. In the Arsenal of Apple hundreds of really exciting technologies that simply buries it, continuing to feed the user in small portions dubious innovations. Who knows, maybe the iPhone 9, we finally wait for the fingerprint scanner, which will be placed directly under the display?

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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