Apple has postponed the start of sales of the AirPods headphones indefinitely

Sale wireless earphone Apple AirPods will start later than planned. It is reported by TechCrunch citing company representatives.

Apple has officially warned that the beginning of deliveries of AirPods will be delayed. The company did not specify the approximate timing of the news.

“If you were waiting for the start of sales of Apple AirPods wireless headphones, you will have to wait. Apple said that the device is still not ready and “needed more time”, – writes the edition.

“Early response to AirPods incredible, – said the Apple. We do not believe in the delivery of the product before it is ready, and we need a little more time to AirPods were ready for our customers.”

On the website of the company AirPods marked as being available “late October”, but now, apparently, the headphone is not expected before November.

AirPods was introduced with the iPhone 7 in early September. Despite very compact size, they integrate a set of advanced technologies. Due to the anatomical shape earphones keeps well in the ear. The battery life is 5 hours, but included is a case with an extra battery, which eliminates the need of mains supply up to 25 hours.

In the US the cost AirPods will be $160, in Russia is more expensive, 13 000.

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