Apple has released the brand’s Smart keyboard for the iPad Pro with Russian layout

For many users, an external keyboard is still the most convenient way to work and jot down ideas when using mobile devices. Together with tablet computers, iPad Pro, Apple released a brand keyboard case. However, all this time she was not available with layouts different from us.

To date to fully use Smart Keyboard for the iPad Pro could only residents of the United States. On the page with description of the accessory in the Russian branch of the Apple Online Store, the company stated: “Smart Keyboard Pro for iPad is only available in us layout”. This note is also present in German, French, Italian, and other versions of the Apple website.

Now to order Smart Keyboard Pro for iPad can tablet users in Russia. On the website the company describes the special features of the accessory. In particular, the connector Smart Connector, providing communication between Smart Keyboard Pro and iPad. It is located on a connecting side of the keyboard unit and the corresponding side of the iPad Pro. Smart Connector communicates with the conductive material inside the Smart Keyboard provides two-way transmission of power and data.

The surface of the keyboard case is composed of three materials. Like the Smart cover, the top layer is made of durable polyurethane, and the bottom are made of soft microfiber. This lining protects the display and keeps it clean, when the keyboard is folded. Unique Smart Keyboard makes the middle layer. It consists of a new conductive material that provides the interface between the accessory and Planeta.

The cost covers Smart Keyboard Pro for iPad is 11 and 13 790 290 rubles for models with a 9.7 – and 12.9-inch display respectively.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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