Apple has released the study guide for creative people in the application “Books”

A series of books called “Everyone can create” (“Create all”) and is designed to teach children drawing, creating videos, music and photos. Books are distributed free of charge and is intended for training on the iPad in conjunction with Apple Pencil.

For the first time, Apple was told about this program at the event in March, directly linking the budget 2018 iPad with support for Pencil. Using the materials, teachers can efficiently and competently to teach children creativity. In addition to the four books on specific topics are also the fifth — a manual for teachers.

However, tutorials will be useful not only in educational institutions. Materials can also people involved in creative professions, teaching the skill to their children. Thanks to the books “Do all” children of artists, photographers, composers and video makers understand what their parents easily and with pleasure.

And it’s not just guesswork. Previously, Apple has proved the success of such training programs by releasing a guide “Everyone can code” (“Everyone can program”), which today is used in more than 5,000 institutions around the world.

Senior Vice President of Apple Phil Schiller said at the presentation of “Make all”: “We believe that Apple technology can help to develop the creative genius of every child. Working closely with teachers, we have created a training program Everyone Can Create, to develop the creativity and art lessons and to help students to be creative and ultimately to achieve this success.”

“Everyone Can Create” is available in English only in the application “Books”, other languages will be added to the end of 2018. The program is tuned for the tablets, however, can be used on smartphones.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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