Apple has removed the gay couple of the promotional video for mother’s Day for France and Germany

Apple carved frame depicting gay couples in some international versions of the commercials, dedicated to mother’s Day. We are talking about is “Shot on iPhone ā€” Mother’s Day”.

New promo video Apple has released mother’s Day, which in many countries is celebrated on the second Sunday of may. Advertising consists of still images and short videos under the motto “Celebrate motherhood”. “Look at motherhood through the lens of iPhone users from all over the world,” reads the video description.

To view the 30-second clip with footage selected in the project’s “Shot on iPhone”, on the official Apple channel on YouTube and on the website of the company.

Among the many images in the US version appears the frame with two naked women with children. For France, this picture was replaced by another frame. Also a picture with two women was absent in the video intended for inhabitants of Germany, Turkey, Japan and Italy.

Version promotional video for Apple USA:

Version promotional video for Apple France:

Apple refused to explain, what is the difference of advertising for different countries.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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