Apple has talked about how iOS and macOS 12 Mojave protect the personal data of users

Apple has updated the page on the official website dedicated to privacy in order to talk in detail about protective measures in iOS and macOS 12 Mojave.

We believe that the right to personal space one of the fundamental human rights.

On your Apple devices is stored a lot of personal data you have the right not to disclose.

Each Apple device was created so that this information never fell into the hands of strangers. Because you can decide what to share and with whom.

One of the changes referred to on page — new rules for developers. Now all apps submitted to the App Store must have a privacy policy. Previously Apple demanded a privacy policy, only for those apps that request access to the personal data of users.

In iOS and macOS 12 Mojave was improved intelligent tracking. In the systems there was a setup that prevents sites from collecting personal information through Safari.

The page was updated a week before Apple CEO Tim cook will speak at the International conference of commissioners for data protection and privacy in Brussels on 24 October.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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