Apple has trademarked Night Shift for “smart” watches and cars

On Monday, the Office of patents and trademarks United States registered the application on the Apple trademark “Night Shift”. It describes the function of mobile devices, which is designed to reduce eye strain and help easier to sleep if the user had a chance to use a mobile device before bed. From the description of the application implies that Apple plans to use the Night Shift not only in the iPhone and iPad, but also on Mac, Apple TV, Apple Watch, and even CarPlay.

Night Shift in iOS 9 allows you to adjust the color temperature of the display and to select a time period for its automatic activation. Since people often use their iPhone and iPad before bedtime, it will be useful to look at the screen more in warmer tones. According to the study, this positively affects the quality of sleep and time of sleep.

In the future Apple plans to introduce a Night Shift to other devices, including the Apple Watch and MacBook. The need for the use of “smart” hours, or in the car in question, but on laptops running macOS its implementation is to be expected. The essence of Night Shift is that at night the color scheme of the screen is warming, protecting the eyes from excessive load, and in the morning to return to normal position.

“Many studies have shown that exposure to bright blue light in the evening can affect your circadian rhythms, which complicates the process of falling asleep. Night mode will use time and location data from your device to determine the sunset time in your region”, – stated on the Apple website.

When to expect the Night Shift on computers or “smart” watches from Apple, is unknown. On the other hand, trademark registration can only mean the need to protect the copyrights of the company. Apple carefully monitors the use of own developments in the competition and, if necessary, transfers the proceedings to the court.

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Clifton Nichols

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