Apple has updated iOS 9.2.1 to restore iPhone, when faced with the “Error 53”

Recently Apple updated iOS 9.2.1, but if you head to settings software Update, you can’t see anything there, if your smartphone already runs on iOS 9.2.1. The update applies to iPhone owners who changed the Home button with Touch ID sensor in the informal service center and I faced with “Error 53” when you try to install a new OS version.

Good news: now with iTunes for Mac and PC owners of iPhones can get them to work with the new version of iOS 9.2.1 number 13D20. Relay previous iOS version 9.2.1 is build 13D15.

About the “Error 53”, it became known not so long ago. Ran into the owners of iPhone, whose button with the Touch ID sensor has failed and has been replaced by non-original and non-functioning. When you try to update your iPhone to the latest iOS version they just got off a device that you cannot restore with iTunes because of an error at number 53.

Apple said that this error — not that other, as a result of a safety test that is used in production to check the working efficiency of such device components as Touch ID. She wasn’t supposed to reach users, but by some unfortunate missteps I faced with “Error 53”. Today, their devices can once again find life.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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