Apple has updated tariff plans for cloud storage iCloud

At the presentation of June 5, which was the announcement of iOS 11, High Sierra macOS and Apple HomePod was announced the reduction of tariffs on iCloud. Now for the same money digging provides users with more cloud space. The rates took effect a few hours after the announcement of iOS 11.

Apple doubled the available space in iCloud for some users. Today, the following tariff plans: 50 GB — 59 rubles. per month, 200 GB — 149 rubles per month, and 2 TB — 599 rubles.per month.

Before Apple gave four subscription options: 50 GB for 59 rubles, 200 GB for 149 rubles, 1 TB for 599 rubles and 2 TB for 1490 rubles. That is, the first two rate remained unchanged, and the third Apple is completely abandoned. Leaving only the option for 2 TB, which fell from 1490 to 599 rubles. Discount when annual payment is not provided.

Old tariffs iCloud:

50 GB: 59 roubles
200 GB: 149 roubles
1 TB: 599 roubles
2 TB: 1490 roubles

The new tariffs iCloud:

50 GB: 59 roubles
200 GB: 149 roubles
2 TB: 599 roubles

Many users may be disappointed that Apple still offers 5 GB of free disk space in iCloud, believing that this volume will not last long. Competitors provide free of charge three times more. At the same time, Apple prices are quite affordable and are quite affordable to most users.

Google Drive, for comparison, offers 15 GB of free space. The cost of a 100 GB is around 139 rubles per month and 1TB will cost 699 rubles per month, and 10 TB – 6990 rubles a month. Two additional options include 20 TB and 30 TB for 13 990 20 990 rubles per month, respectively. Thus, the maximum amount of in the Google Drive in 15 more than Apple.

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