Apple has withdrawn the update iOS 9.3.2 due to a failure that turns the iPad Pro in “bricks”

As you know, the iOS update to version 9.3.2 has had serious problems for users 9.7-inch tablet iPad Pro. Some tablet owners who are on the latest “axis”, soon ceased to boot gadgets. On Friday, Apple withdrew iOS for iPad 9.3.2 Pro because of numerous user complaints.

The owners of the 9.7-inch tablet after installing the update “over the air” cannot boot the operating system. Instead, the screen displays the message “connect to iTunes” and “error 56”.

That Apple know about the problem became known on Wednesday, the company made an official comment. “We drew attention to requests from a small number of users who encounter an error when updating iPad software. Those users who fail to restore their devices through iTunes, it is recommended to contact Apple support”, – noted in the company.

The problem is that iPad Pro with error 56 cannot be brought back to life even after reinstalling the OS. According to the owners of such devices, when you contact the Apple Store immediately changes the company such gadgets.

The upgrade fails affected not all users 9.7 inch iPad Pro, but, judging by the numerous complaints in social networks, it suffered a lot of people. At the moment the iOS 9.3.2 update is not available for owners of iPad Pro has a 9.7. Other device users can still install the update.

IOS 9.3.2 debuted on Monday, may 16. The update was bug fixes, including the crashing associated with listening to music on iPhone SE via Bluetooth, and also added the ability to use night mode and power save mode.

Apple is not the first time recently Recalling the updates for iOS. In March iOS 9.3 withdrew because of activation problems on older devices. After upgrading to a new version users of the iPad 2 began to complain about problems with access to the activation servers and the error “Your iPad could not be activated, the activation service is temporarily unavailable”. Because of this bug trying to upgrade the OS turned the gadget into a “brick”.

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