Apple in the United States received the award for the development of business ties with Russia

Apple was awarded a prize by the development of business relations with Russia and other members of the BRICS countries (Brazil, India, China and South Africa). About it declared at the last annual conference Business with the BRICS”, organized by Centre “Eurasia” together with the embassies of the countries of the group in Washington.

According to organizers, the award “great contribution in the Apple support investment, economic development and trade across the BRICS group”.

Many experts held on Monday the forum noted that the situation in the world economy leaves much to be desired. But it was stressed that the difficulties are easier to overcome together, and that interaction within the BRICS framework gives the member countries an added value in a variety of ways — from financial and investment in scientific-technological and political.

On the question of the correspondent of TASS about what exactly are the benefits of working in a group, a Brazilian diplomat Marcos Henrique Sperandio without hesitation referred to the New development Bank, created the “five” and already had time to accumulate “great investment potential”.

In the past, are not that fat in terms of the national currency, Russia has often earned special mention on a quarterly report conference Apple. Usually our country fall into the category of BRIC, which showed record growth in sales of the iPhone. Despite protracted to the economy crisis, Russia shows positive developments.

According to the financial Director of Apple, even the contraction in the first quarter the number of sold personal computers Mac by 12% in annual terms has allowed the company to increase its share in a falling market. The Mac sales grew by double-digit percentage in Singapore, South Korea, UAE, Taiwan and Russia.

In January during the release of financial results in addition to the dry figures, Apple CEO Tim cook shared his vision for Russia and other countries whose economy is heavily dependent on prices of hydrocarbons. Reflecting on the turmoil of countries with a growing economy, the corporate leadership recognized that it was forced to increase retail prices of their products in the ranks of the regions to be protected from strengthening of the dollar. In Russia, the local currency weakened to the dollar by 50%, in Brazil by 40%, according to Apple. And sooner or later, as recognized by Tim cook, the high prices affect the demand.

Apple has stressed that it is not going to leave the markets of countries whose economy is heavily dependent on oil prices. Difficulties sooner or later will give way to stability, and the potential markets of the BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China), the company from Cupertino is highly appreciated.

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