Apple intends to significantly increase the autonomy of their devices

Apple leads the development in the field of power management of electronic devices. This is evidenced by the vacancies available on the website of the California giant. In particular, in Cupertino looking for technology developers, which will allow iPhone, iPad and Mac work longer without recharging.

Every year the electronics are becoming more productive, but at the same indicators of autonomy do not progress. And sometimes on the contrary ā€“ the battery life of the devices is reduced. So, the flagship smartphone Apple can not boast of a record operation time without recharging, especially if we are talking about the 4.7-inch model. And the owners of the new MacBook Pro and did complain about the autonomy of laptops.

It seems that Apple is aware of this and plan to fix shortly. The company opened several jobs related to the development of special algorithms of batteries and power electronic devices. Staff will be working on technologies that provide a longer battery life compared to current models.

“In this position you will develop, test, and analysis of advanced lithium-ion technology battery management,” reads the job description Apple.

From the description of the other jobs:

“The creation, prototyping and evaluation of algorithms for power management systems. You will analyze solutions performance management devices that will enhance the battery life and energy efficiency, while providing high consumer properties of the product.”

Most of the vacancies are related to the batteries of the iPhone, iPad and MacBook. From future employees in Cupertino are waiting for innovative solutions able to significantly increase the battery life of electronics.

Earlier it became known that Apple plans to release in 2017 three new smartphones ā€“ the iPhone 7s iPhone 7s Plus and iPhone 8, and also update the MacBook Pro. Maybe next year will surprise the improved battery life of their devices.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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