Apple introduced the iPad Pro, the larger tablet companii review

Fans of Apple devices blurred in a smile that day. The presentation from Apple quickens tape Twitter, our website and all its readers. Today’s presentation began with Tim cook dressed in a shirt that is traditionally talked about the success of the company and its products. Strange, but this time CEO without the figures. He immediately laid out everything we need to know about new straps and apps for the Apple Watch, and moved on to the fun part, what he described as the most significant event in the history of the iPad. The company introduced the iPad Pro, the larger tablet from the company from Cupertino.

Rumors about the iPad Pro went a long time, and then, finally, he became real. Most importantly, we need to know is the size of the device screen. The screen size of the iPad Pro 12.9 inches. The screen resolution of 2732 x 2048 pixels. In this screen 5.6 million points, and it’s more than you can count in the 15-inch MacBook with Retina display. Apple has named the iPad Pro the most advanced of the ones they’ve created.

Time is not simply iPad, as the device with the prefix Pro, it should come as no surprise performance, and is responsible for this new A9X chip, its third generation of 64-bit chips. Phil Schiller said that this tablet will deliver the performance level of desktop PC games at console level, and if this iPad Pro will run 10 hours, like the other members of his family.

Nothing surprising in the fact that most of the rumors about iPad Pro has come true. This tablet four stereo speakers, support for a new accessory Smart Keyboard that is very reminiscent of the cover of the tablet from Microsoft, and the most important thing is the stylus, called Pencil Apple. This decision, which are required to assess professionals.

Apple Pencil produced together with GROAN. It is equipped with a Lightning connector, and him from time to time will need to be charged. However, it can charge iPad Pro. For stylus your apps are ready to update not only Apple, but Microsoft, and even Adobe. This means only one thing: the iPad Pro is intended to replace a working computer, and with it the new iOS is really capable of it.

So much all at once is very unusual. Apple really came today to surprise, and hard to keep in mind all presents in the first few minutes. Will try to learn some more details. The thickness of the iPad Pro 6.9 mm with a weight of 0.7 kg. Thin and heavy it has an 8MP camera, Touch ID and LTE.

How to make money? The model with 32 gigabytes of memory without LTE will cost $ 799, the 128 GB without LTE is $ 949, and finally, iPad Pro 128GB with LTE support costs $ 1079. If you want a stylus and soft keyboard, Smart Keyboard, and you’ll probably want Pencil for Apple will have to pay $ 99 and $ 169 cost keyboard. We continue to be surprised? iPad Pro will be available in November.

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Clifton Nichols

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