Apple is developing a “digital newspaper”, which is rolled into a tube

Apple has registered a patent for a “digital periodical”. This is an electronic newspaper that can be rolled into a tube.

Judging by the description of the product, the digital newspaper for Apple is based on a flexible display of large format. And the image can theoretically be displayed on both sides. The design provides for all required hardware components: the computer module, volatile memory, sensors, including a GPS receiver and module for use in a mobile network.

In the document Apple says that when you are finished with the device the user is able to twist. The product can be in two States: when the flexible screen is twisted inside the housing and when it is deployed. In addition, the gadget can make a square or even round shape.

As conceived by Apple, the content of the newspaper will be transmitted in a special format with a preliminary breakdown by type of data — text, images, audio, or video. After delivery of the set of messages the device will form them on the basis of a single article that looks like a web page.

Digital Newspapers Apple will be able to show advertising. Moreover, in Cupertino do not exclude the possibility that these flexible displays will be located in various public places for display of marketing materials and useful information.

About Apple’s plans for practical use of patented innovations is not reported. However, given the presence of several patents related to the use of flexible display, we can assume that Cupertino interested in this technology and is planning to release a digital newspaper.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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