Apple is developing its own navigation system in the premises

Apple has refused in due time from the use of maps from Google, does not stop to work on creating our own positioning systems. In particular, recently in the App Store “lit up” a unique application called Survey for Indoor navigation in buildings. Interestingly, the program does not require any additional devices, functioning solely on the basis of the integrated sensors.

According to the publication Ai, the app was noticed by one of the developers, who shared this information with the General public. According to him, access to Indoor Survey is hidden, and discover it, only clicking on a direct link. However, download and install the navigation app still will not work, because this requires special access.

“Setting a mark about your location in Indoor, you get information about the room where you are, — stated in the app description. – The system will scan the radio signals, scanning space, and combine them with information obtained in your iPhone built-in sensors. This will become possible positioning indoors without the use of additional equipment.”

The first step to create a similar navigation system Apple made in 2013 by acquiring startup WiFiSLAM, which was engaged in the location. With the help of expertise engineers of the company made possible the tracking of location by synchronizing the device with the satellites GPS, and nearby Wi-Fi networks.

However, this technology is not unique. The authorship of similar inventions owned by Nokia, whose patents have safely departed “inherited” from Microsoft. With 2012 smartphones “once Finnish” developer have the possibility of extremely accurate positioning indoors. In addition, the technology allows you to scan the building directly from the street and determine what is inside. Unfortunately, development didn’t get a lot of popularity, and many users of Lumia smartphones still don’t know about its existence. Let’s hope that Apple will turn out better than the deceased competitor. However, no doubt, because of the promotion of products meets the genius of marketing Phil Schiller.

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