Apple is embarking on the road to music voiny review

Apple on the music market only a couple of months, and already ready to sue competitors. At this time got music service Tidal, which is owned by the famous rapper Jay-Z.

The company delivers the service against a lawsuit for $ 20 million, says PageSix. According to Apple, Tidal illegally broadcast a performance by Drake at a charity concert. Drake performed two songs, but that was enough, because he signed a contract with Apple Music for $ 19 million.

Therefore, Apple believes that until have the exclusive right to the works of Drake and I don’t want to share with anyone, even if it’s a charity event. The details of the agreement between the company and the contractor no one knows, but in Cupertino are sitting far from stupid lawyers who know how to succeed.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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