Apple is looking for a psychologist in the team that developed Siri

Apple decided to improve the communication skills of Siri. The team assistant looking for a psychologist who will help Siri to better understand the emotions of a person.

Apple is looking for a psychologist in the team that developed Siri

Developers Siri is constantly improving communication skills assistant. Over the past few years Siri has learned a lot and turned out of the program, find the right information online, into a real personal assistant. However, it remains the program and to recognize human emotions she has yet to learn. In this regard, Apple has opened the vacancy of a psychologist in the team of creators of the voice assistant.

According to representatives of Apple, users often turn to Siri with questions, to which the assistant is not prepared. If people need someone to talk about the problems of emotional nature, they often choose Siri. Therefore the development team needs someone who has experience working as a psychologist or consultant.

“People are talking to Siri about everything, share the results of a stressful day, or some serious thoughts. They are turning to it in emergencies, and simply if they need recommendations on how to begin to lead a more healthy lifestyle”, — noted in the company.

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