Apple is looking for Russian partners for Apple TV10 review

The start of sales of Apple TV 4 generation was postponed, but intelligible reasons for this step, was not followed. The edition “Kommersant” it became known about the plans of Apple alexmassie on the Russian market. According to sources of the newspaper, “Apple” the company is actively negotiating with local developers of video services.

Operating system tvOS allows users to enjoy games, applications and the latest innovations in the world of cinema. Already it was announced the cooperation of Apple with streaming services Netflix, HBO, Hulu, Showtime, ABC and others, popular in the West. Broadcast in Russian they, unfortunately, are not provided.

Apple, however, cares about all its customers and does not want the Russian-speaking Apple TV owners to feel left out. Currently there are negotiations about the integration of popular in the CIS the video with the “Apple” prefix. It is expected that soon a consensus will emerge and new providers of TV content will become, Okko, Amediateka, Ayyo, Megogo. Official confirmation for this information was not followed. However, the interlocutor of “Kommersant” in one of the above services confirmed that the company is developing apps for the Apple TV platform.

“The products of each of the companies will have all possible functionality, but it is likely that there will be released a special, extended function versions of applications,” says a source familiar with the negotiations.

According to analysts, the phenomenon of set-top box may not have found popularity in Russia and CIS countries. First, against Apple in this market can play the prevalence of Smart TV and the existence of cheaper Chromecast from Google. And secondly, on the territory of the former USSR has still not formed the culture of purchase content. In many respects it is affected by the economic crisis and the associated fall of the ruble against the dollar.

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