Apple is preparing a secret project “Star”

According to a report by 9to5Mac, Apple is preparing a project called “Star”. The device includes a prototype with a touch screen, a slot for SIM-cards, GPS, compass and waterproof housing.

A small batch of these devices was manufactured by Pegatron and sent to the headquarters of Apple in Cupertino.

Project Star or “model No. 84” is probably the new MacBook or laptop on iOS. To date, about the new device, almost nothing is known – about the size of the screen, nor the design, nor the processor.

For anybody not a secret that Apple wants to begin using chips with ARM architecture. It has already been done on iOS devices that use chips of the series A. the First such devices that have received the ARM-microprocessors A6, are iPhone 5 iPhon5 5s. But, in the case of computers, work needs to be done much more.

We have previously written about what Apple plans to move to its own Mac processors by 2020.

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