Apple is preparing to release a ceramic iPhone

In Cupertino are preparing to launch a production line for the production of ceramic cases for iPhone future generations. For these purposes, the company has developed a universal method of polishing ceramic parts of different sizes, the report of the Office for patents and trademarks of the United States. According to the description of the invention, the discovery Apple engineers are able to work with materials of several types, including zirconium oxide.

As shown in the diagram, the tool is externally driven heating element, providing a more efficient polishing process due to the possibility to increase the temperature only at specific sites. This method of treatment allows to avoid uneven filament, directing the beam with a precision of hundredths of a millimeter, and provides the most stable structure even of such refractory material as ceramic or zirconium, the output.

Rumors of a possible exit ceramic iPhone began to appear a few years ago, but before the release of the Apple Watch Edition, the second generation had the slightest reason. Having a high degree of hardness is 8.5 points on the Mohs scale, building such a clock is characterized by unprecedented compared to steel, resistance to chipping and scratches, making the use of ceramics to manufacture the iPhone more than justified.

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