Apple is working to resolve the error Reachability to iOS 11

Apple’s Vice President of software Craig Federighi confirmed that the company’s engineers are working to fix Reachability in one of the upcoming iOS updates.

In a letter to Federighi a MacRumors reader asked the question:

“Since the release of the first beta version of iOS 11 gone is the ability to invoke notification center swipe from the middle of the screen in Reachability mode. It was incredibly useful “trick”, as it is not required awkward to try to reach the top of the screen.
If it was done for the sake of design, I don’t see the point or any benefit from removal of this feature. If it’s a bug, I hope Apple will fix it as soon as possible”.

The Reachability function can be activated with a quick double tap of the Home button on the iPhone 6 and newer.

Craig Federighi replied to this letter with a small message:

“We’ll fix it.”

Vice President of Apple has not indicated when this will be fixed. Maybe it will happen in one of the next beta versions of iOS 11.1 or in the final release. Today’s iOS release 11.1 beta 2 did not solve the problem, but returned the gesture system 3D Touch menu, multi-tasking and switching from one app to another.

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