Apple lured one of the main designers of Nike FuelBand

Apple continues to hunt for valuable employees that can help the engineers of a Corporation in the development of new revolutionary products. In mid-August it became known that the tech giant decided to hire a well-known fitness instructor Jay Blahnik, who took part in creating the popular Nike FuelBand bracelet. However, in Cupertino have decided not to stop there soon to work in the Apple will also move the head unit Nike designer Ben Shaffer, writes 9to5Mac.

At the time, Shaffer led the development of the fitness bracelet Nike FuelBand, so it is safe to say that the original design of this accessory has been created by Ben. At a time when Shaffer was at the helm FuelBand, analysts from Fast Company named Nike one of the most innovative companies in the world.

Also Ben was engaged in the creation of sneakers Flyknit shoes, and the process of their development was in many ways similar to the birth of the MacBook design from Apple. At the time, jony Ive realised that to create an incredibly thin and light devices, you have to use a completely new manufacturing process. Before Shaffer had a similar problem: he had to come up with these sneakers that would be virtually weightless on the foot, but it was made from the highest quality materials.

In General, the ideology of the famous Apple designer sign is not hearsay and will develop products appropriate level. Most likely, Ben will join the secret division of the smart hours iWatch, and maybe even will lead the design Department. Bracelet the FuelBand looks pretty stylish and has many useful functions. The most important thing — it is a pleasure to wear.

Nike FuelBand is a very popular accessory among top managers Apple. The interest in this device shows not only Bob Mansfield, but CEO Tim cook. The latter, incidentally, concurrently member of the Board of Directors of Nike.

Judging by the fact that Apple only hires workers to build the iWatch, the official release of “smart” hours we will see not earlier than summer/autumn next year. During this time its competitors can produce their own decent smart watch. While this isn’t very good.

Representatives of the company Nike confirmed that Ben is not listed as their employee, but is silent about his fate. We can only wish him good luck in his new workplace.

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