Apple made a mistake with her new app

Apple always carefully monitors its applications and services. The company continuously maintains the usage statistics of the programs that keeps track of the smallest changes — in General, controls everything as it should be. However, with one of their apps in Cupertino to make, you failed.

It comes to Apple News — aggregator of news from the “Apple” giant. You’ve probably already forgotten about it? Not surprising, because until that service is unavailable on the territory of our country (and unclear when at all). About the problems with it became known after a short interview eddy cue, Vice President of online services Apple, The Wall Street Journal.

According to a top Manager in Cupertino made a mistake and immediately was unable to count users of Apple News. Apple developers were focused on other products and just forgot about monitoring the activity in a news app. As a result, when the company had calculated its users, their data were much lower than the real.

App Apple News appeared in iOS 9 as a replacement for “Kiosk” and was conceived as a unified platform, where iPhone and iPad owners will be able to get all the news, and in the most convenient form for them. However, while Apple is in no hurry to start service around the world: maybe for the same reason, which made its, albeit small, error.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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