Apple makes smartphones more

Perhaps Apple can boast a dominant market share of smartphones in every country of the world, but what companies do not give up, so it is stable in solid revenue. iPhone cheapest phone call, and it can not affect the income Cupertino.

According to information from research firm Canaccord Genuity, in 2015, a whole 91% of global revenue from smartphone sales went to Apple. And despite the fact that the share of iPhone on the market in the same year amounted to slightly more than 17%.

As expected, in second place by a wide margin is the company Samsung, which earned 14% of the world total revenue with a 24 percent stake. Before you start to blame the analysts for not knowing arithmetic, as 91 and 14 sum up to more than 100 percent, note that the picture is complemented by other manufacturers that by the end of 2015 showed a negative or zero revenue.

Remember this table and show it to those who argue that a company dies, reinforcing their claims data on market share. The main thing in business is profit, and Apple under Tim cook with it, everything is more than fine.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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