Apple maps can get out?

Just seemed to me that the Apple maps one can use in Russia as well as the standard Maps application has dispelled this myth. It turned out that the data of the map service of Apple company, to put it mildly, still not exact, but this is not the fault developers from Cupertino.

So, for example, the query “Find a store” using Siri maps the indices of the closest (according to them) store, and even determined its exact location. But the problem is that the map is Park and shop there, accordingly, never was.

See where it says “Details on Google”? Yes, on the maps from “Yandex” is the same story. And since the objects data to Apple Maps in many respects derive from the Russian search engine, one mistake is reflected on the first and on the second service.

This is just one of dozens of examples when Apple maps gave the wrong information about the location of an object. Yes, sometimes the incorrect information is related to the fact that over time, stores change location and rented space use for others. But at the same time there were also such cases when the Navigator is Apple’s “wound up” somewhere else.

For map services from Google such has not been noticed is the app correctly displays the location of these objects and almost unerringly paves the routes. What app has stopped you?

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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