Apple may be required to provide access to data of iPhone owners

Data iPhone users are protected, and even Apple can’t access them if you have protected your smartphone code. Apple can’t do it, even at the request of the government, as we recently learned, however, the government can oblige the company to change this situation. Think about this today in the UK.

All the data iPhone users are stored in encrypted form, and if the device is password protected, these data do not remove. It all sounds very encouraging for owners of the iPhone, however, according to the government, access to these data can help law enforcement agencies to ensure safety, and in some cases this is true. The data that we share with iMessage and FaceTime, also encrypted, and they, of course, does not hurt law enforcement.

Therefore, according to the Telegraph, on Wednesday in the UK from Apple and other companies will require you to have access to encrypted user data, which will be provided at the request of the government and law enforcement agencies. The company may also be forced to store user data to the browser in the course of the year. All this is at odds with the right of users to privacy of personal data, and Apple probably wouldn’t want to change anything. Today the security of the devices of company is good publicity.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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