Apple may introduce Siri for OS X at WWDC 2016

Voice assistant Siri, a long time existed as a dubious “features” of iOS, we felt the most unassuming interlocutors. Robotic pronunciation coupled with limited functionality still does not allow her to become a really useful assistant. Maybe the Mac version will be better?

Which has taken in the past year, two new platforms (tvOS and watchOS), Siri learned a few useful tricks that made it a little more promising solution in the eyes of the users of smart watches and TV set-top box.

I think every new owner of the Apple TV 4 was in a hurry to recreate the situation from advertising, demanding voice asking the lady about a virtual actor said the last phrase. And it does not matter that the assistant does not interact with the Russian language and Russian cinema.

The first rumors about testing Siri for OS X first appeared in 2012, when the iOS version ā€“ quite frankly ā€“ have worked very badly. During this period, say colleagues from 9To5, cupertinos developers already “customized” functionality assistant for user interface desktop OS and prepare for its imminent release.

It is expected that Siri will come on at Macy’s to update to OS X 10.12, which will be presented during the July conference WWDC 2016. Distinguishing characteristics assistant our colleagues noted its intended location on top of the status bar. Cause Siri can be a standard phrase “Hey, Siri!” when connected to a power source.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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