Apple may lower the prices in Russia

Since the last price increase on Apple equipment in Russia, many have been waiting for “Apple” the company will change the temper justice with mercy and will make the Russian prices for their devices more attractive. Looks like the main peak of price growth was, and it is hoped to reduce the cost in the next few weeks.

Apple in the person of LLC “Apple Rus” plans to reduce the prices in the Russian online store after the may holidays. On this edition the sources said the market, including one from an official Apple reseller in Russia. Correction will take place at the exchange rate of 65 rubles to the dollar ā€” now the calculation is 75 rubles. In other words, the price drop will happen within 10 %.

Information about the upcoming changes in pricing policy Apple in Russia also confirmed analyst Eldar Murtazin (spelling and punctuation of the author saved):

In Apple discuss the reduction of the prices of all products for the Russian market. Reduction of prices on Apple can range from 7% to 11% in may if the course will remain at the current level.

It is not only about official Apple store ā€” later instructions, the company shall send to Russian Resellers. The latter, however, without selling a product cheaper than Apple Online Store.

Recall that in case the company decides to revise the price will fall and the price of apps in the App Store. A miracle will happen or not depends on the dollar and the Euro against the ruble: serious shocks if not, you can safely go shopping.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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