Apple may release an iPhone with Face ID and Touch ID

Apple has patented technology, which Touch ID and Face ID can be used simultaneously in a single device. On the patent reported by 9to5Mac.

Despite the fact that the Face ID feature proved to be a reliable method of protection, there are situations in which the iPhone might not recognize the person. In this case, the user has to re-unlock the phone or enter the password.

In a new Apple patent it is proposed to replace these steps on Touch ID. In other words, if the iPhone didn’t recognize the face, he propose to use the fingerprint scanner.

The images show an iPhone with the Home button. Apple often uses outdated smartphones to illustrate the operation of the technology. If Apple ever release an iPhone with Face ID and Touch ID is likely the fingerprint scanner will be built into the screen.

The patent also States that face detection can be used in smart watches. However, this is a distant prospect, given that the Apple Watch is no ordinary camera, not to mention the camera system TrueDepth.

It is worth considering that this is just a patent. This does not mean that the company necessarily will release such a smartphone, however, to exclude this, too, is impossible. Apple often patents of various technologies and not all of them are reflected in the final product.

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